Training & Technical Assistance

Working side-by-side with stakeholders to build capacity, transfer knowledge, and deliver results


KAI believes in the capacity of communities, agencies, and individuals. We nurture inherent strengths with tailored training and technical assistance grounded in client needs and cultural sensitivity. We help vulnerable and underserved communities address problems and design sustainable solutions.

Our Approach

KAI promotes, supports, and empowers youth, communities, organizations, and tribal governments. We build sustainability into the start of a project so communities can continue to benefit from our training and technical assistance services for the life of their projects.


Curriculum Design for diverse audiences

Outcomes Evaluations (e.g., GPRA, DCAR, and director reports)

Resilience- and trauma-informed care

Formal and informal community engagement

Community readiness, service delivery, and needs assessments

Virtual, web-based, and on-site TTA capabilities

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Ask Our Team

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