Organizational Transformation


At KAI, we believe in the transformational power of highly participatory, meaningful engagement that is guided by sound analysis. KAI will work with your organization to strengthen teams, create a shared vision, and produce results. KAI helps organizations ask and answer hard questions to promote positive change and growth. Our economic development advisors have worked with 90 Native American businesses in 9 states, as well as with national organizations, local nonprofits, tribal governments, and state and federal agencies.


Strategic planning for leadership of governments and nonprofit organizations

Operational efficiency to ensure resources are allocated appropriately

Program planning and evaluation to ensure goals and objectives are achieved

Mediation and facilitation to resolve conflict and develop processes for open and honest dialog

Related Work

Organizational development (e.g., teambuilding, diversity training, and change management)

Grant management support for diverse activities (e.g., RFP process, reporting, budgeting, staffing)

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