KAI Launches IndigeSpirit: Stories of Resilience

Thursday, May 21, 2020

KAI is pleased to announce our IndigeSpirit: Stories of Resilience campaign. IndigeSpirit lifts up our indigenous families and communities by shining a light on the strength, persistence, and traditional values that underpin our resilience to survive and thrive. We are seeking stories of resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic to celebrate people making an impact locally, regionally, or nationally.

In launching this campaign, KAI founder and President Jo Ann Kauffman said, “KAI decided to self-fund the launch of the IndigeSpirit campaign to lift up and celebrate the resilience of our communities. While our daily lives are challenged by COVID, we are also witnessing the emergence of our creativity, humor, songs, and compassionate connections we have to each other and to the universe.”

Health care administrator and political scientist Anna Whiting-Sorrel said, “As I work with tribal communities, it is amazing to experience their creativity and flexibility to address this troubled time. It demonstrates the strength of our people and our cultures as we meet this pandemic head on, always keeping our elders and children in the forefront. We don't give up. We keep the future, filled with hope, at the center of all we do.”

Please submit story ideas to julia.keefe@kauffmaninc.com. KAI will make a financial contribution to each person (or a charity of their selection) profiled in this campaign.

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