IndigeSpirit - Stories of Resilience
Geri Flett

Inspiring Students Through Spokane Tribal History

Spokane Tribal member Geri Flett is going above and beyond for her students to support and inspire them while learning from home.


"We are resilient people and we'll get through this, and we will live to see the great day that dawns."
– Jo Ann Kauffman (Nez Perce)

This year, we are thrilled to celebrate our 30th anniversary! 2020 is a tough year, but we emerge strong. For September #SuicidePreventionMonth AND our anniversary, we were proud to launch the "IndigeSpirit: Stories of Resilience and Healing" campaign. We shared messages of hope and stories of resilience across social media. See what Jo Ann, President and CEO at Kauffman & Associates, Inc., has to say.

"Our ancestors are looking down on us and they're smiling. They are happy, and we must keep going forward."
– Dion Baca

Dion is a talented artist who uses his gorgeous beadwork to find healing for himself and others during this unprecedented time. He aims to empower others to pursue their art, even if they think they are not that good at it.

"Stay healthy. Stay safe. Stay encouraged."
– Kellen Lewis

Kellen Lewis (Nez Perce/African American) is a multimedia artist and talented dancer who uses his exquisite beadwork to bridge the divide between traditional and popular culture. His goal is to promote visibility for his community, to ensure Native representation in media, and to empower others to follow their passions.

"Food is medicine."
– Donell Barlow

Donell Barlow (Ottawa/Otter Clan and Yurok) is a holistic health coach, yoga instructor, author, and mother. She serves Native communities and the broader public by using food as medicine. Through this practice, she heals communities from the inside out, and helps communities reconnect with Mother Earth.

"Do whatever inspires you."
– Shawn Brigman

Shawn Brigman (Spokane) is a traditional artisan. Shawn has continuously been involved in a diverse array of high-caliber cultural recovery projects dating back to 2005. Due to the impact of COVID-19, many of his spring gigs were canceled. So, he shifted gears. Now, he empowers Native youth by increasing visual literacy awareness through traditional art.

"Don't wait to start pursuing your dream. Even if your dream is just an acorn now, envision it as the oak tree it can be."
– Barbara Aragon

Barbara Aragon (Laguna Pueblo and Crow) is a storyteller who inspires Indigenous people. Her recent digital story Butterfly Woman helps others discuss and process grief during the COVID-19 pandemic.

About IndigeSpirit

We seek to lift up our families and communities by shining a light on the strength, persistence, and ancient values that underpin our resilience, to not only survive, but to thrive.

Call for Submissions

We are seeking stories of resilience during this time of COVID19 pandemic to lift up people making an impact locally, regionally or nationally.

If you know someone making a difference in your community, please contact us. KAI will make a financial contribution to each person (or a charity of their selection) profiled in the campaign.

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