COVID-19 in Indian Country

Disparities amplified by the pandemic

COVID-19 disproportionately affects communities of color and has impacted Indian Country at even higher rates than other groups.

According to the CDC*, American Indians and Alaska Natives have more cases, hospitalizations, and deaths compared to other ethnic groups. When compared to non-Hispanic white persons, AI/ANs have:


Indian Country has an increased risk because of historical trauma and socioeconomic factors:

Mistrust of Federal Government

Household Size

Access to Running Water

Shared Transportation

Let's fight this pandemic together

KAI provides trauma-informed and culturally rooted solutions.

Strategic Planning

  • Build consensus with stakeholders
  • Leverage community’s resiliency
  • Create an action plan

Strategic Communications

  • Build trust
  • Combat misinformation
  • Promote best practices

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* Source: Centers for Disease Control (CDC). “COVID-19 Hospitalization and Death by Race/Ethnicity.” Online.