Welcome to your KAI career

"We do work that matters"

It's more than just a slogan. People from all backgrounds seek out KAI for rewarding careers that offer opportunities to help vulnerable people and to grow professionally.

Reasons to Work at KAI:

Career Advancement

At KAI, you will have the opportunity to assume leadership positions and serve in client-facing roles early in your career.

Office Culture

KAI prides itself on having a tightly knit office culture. At KAI, you won’t only be a colleague ‐ you’ll be part of the family.


KAI believes in preparing for the future. We offer a group 401(k) plan with fund choices and a generous employer match.

2 Great Locations

KAI is headquartered in Spokane, WA, with an office in Washington, DC—two growing cities with vibrant culture.


KAI offers generous medical, dental, and vision benefits for employees and their families.

KAI Cares

KAI and its employees regularly donate to and support activities and awareness events to assist vulnerable populations.

“I get to work with amazing people who all share the same vision, and I feel like my work is making a positive, lasting difference.”

– Paul Crosby, Web Application Developer

“From Day 1, KAI provided me with the opportunities, training resources, and mentorship to grow professionally.”

– Julie Cahoon, Project Manager