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Introducing KAI Conversations

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Jul. 8, 11 -

Welcome to the new Kauffman & Associates, Inc. blog – KAI Conversations. We are excited about the launch of our redesigned website and the unprecedented opportunity to share ideas and strike conversation through new and social media.

Social change starts with conversation. One to One. One to Many. Many to Many. We hope KAI Conversations will encourage active participation, enlighten stakeholders, and inspire meaningful outcomes.

At KAI, we spend a lot of time thinking about many issues that are part of our daily lives, such as public health, education, and economic opportunity. KAI Conversations will be a venue for listening, communicating, and building a connection to you. We aim to share thought leadership, insights, experience, and knowledge across diverse topics. We’ll also inform you about opportunities and the latest news and happenings at KAI.

We hope you will stop by frequently to read our posts. We welcome your comments and ideas for topics as the conversation begins.

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