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KAI work featured in ICT article on Dental Therapy Project

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Jul. 25, 11 -

Everyone agrees that good oral health is a crucial part of overall health. But it’s out of reach for millions of Americans who live in areas that don’t have enough dentists, or simply can’t afford care. The situation is especially dire for American Indian and Alaska Native children, a group with far more untreated tooth decay and gum disease than other children. Constant pain, serious infections and even permanant tooth loss before the age of 5 are all too common among these kids.

That’s why KAI is working with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to bring care to every community by supporting the introduction of a new member of the dental team called the dental therapist. Dental therapists are already making a big difference in remote Alaska Native villages, and KAI's Yvette Joseph recently addressed a group of Native American journalists about them. Read Indian Country Today article

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