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Rising Cell Phone Use Brings Benefits for Social Marketing Efforts

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Aug. 24, 11 -

Cell phones are a part of daily life for Americans, with nearly 83% of American adults now owning a mobile phone. This technology has changed the way Americans communicate in fundamental ways, especially texting. According to a new Pew Internet & American Life survey released Aug. 15, 3/4 of cell phone owners use text messages. From 2008-2009, 1/3 of teens said they texted more than 100 times a day.

Texting is rapidly becoming an important communications channel for reaching stakeholders and target audiences. The primary benefit of texting is the ability to send targeted, highly personal messages to individuals on their cell phones. This can be particularly of value when alerting communities and the public about potential disasters or food safety issues.

KAI monitors these mobile and texting trends closely and how they may be used to help effect positive behavioral change and promote public health/safety – from suicide prevention to disaster response.

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