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Social Media + Conversations = Change

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Aug. 2, 11 -

social media cloudsAt KAI, we’re excited that our clients are becoming increasingly interested in incorporating new and social media into their communications strategies and tactics.

From Twitter, Facebook, Flickr to YouTube and the blogosphere, the proliferation of Web 2.0 technology has created a sea of change in communication. The fusion of technology and sociology has sparked a social media revolution around the world and widened the highway for open conversation and collaboration. Social media has transformed monologues into dialogues and one-way information dissemination into meaningful content sharing.

Social media’s rapid growth into a far-reaching, global phenomenon is truly remarkable. The numbers tell it all.

The Rise of Social Media

  • 77% of U.S. population online
  • 750 million+ users worldwide on Facebook
  • 13% of U.S population using Twitter
  • 35 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • 3.6 million articles on English Wikipedia
  • 166 million public blogs
  • 5 billion photos on Flickr

The evolution of Web 2.0 has created unprecedented opportunities to build dialogues and engage audiences in interactive, two-way communication. Government, nonprofits, associations, and businesses are increasingly adding social media strategies to their marketing and public relations mix. The influence of new and social media will continue to rise, playing a powerful role in starting conversations, raising awareness, and shaping opinions. KAI is committed to supporting our clients in creating well-designed social media campaigns that help influence outcomes for a better world.

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